31 March - 02 April, 2019
Roda Al Bustan, Dubai UAE, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Captain Mubarak Al Sabah

Flotilla Commander
Kuwait Coast Guard

10:10 Kuwait’s Coast Guard plans for increased operational capacity

  • Utilising efficiently naval assets to protect maritime borders and ensure regional stability
  • How cooperation with friendly nations can maximise capabilities
  • Conceptualisation of the future battlefield and respective procurements

13:20 Keynote panel discussion: Overcoming issues related to maritime information sharing and interoperability, especially in joint operations

  • What are the major issues faced in current maritime coalitions across the globe?
  • Developing new methods and tactics needed to enhance maritime information sharing and boost interoperability
  • Maritime law: Where does each country stand in its deployment?
  • What technologies can navies deploy in order to achieve a better and swifter decision making process across joint operations?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Mubarak.

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